What do cats like to eat for breakfast

Myself and other cat owners have started wondering, what do cats like to eat for breakfast?

Most of the time when it comes to feeding our cats, the majority of their diet should consist of a balanced and complete cat food. However, it is completely fine and your kitty will appreciate the treat if you give them something different every once in a while.

What do cats like to eat for breakfast

While we should mainly feed our kitties a complete cat food diet, giving them other foods like eggs and whole, mashed grains for breakfast can be nutritionally beneficial to our feline friends. As long as this is done in moderation and your cat doesn’t become overweight, you are welcome to treat your kitty to some new and exciting foods.

If you are wanting to feed your feline friend something besides their dry cat kibble, don’t hesitate but make sure you are doing your research to ensure that you don’t unintentionally cause harm to your kitty.

This article will jump into some frequently asked questions about cats and their eating habits, and help answer anything you may be unsure about when it comes to what our typically picky feline companions prefer.

Our key takeaways are:

  • Cats enjoy eating most meats, eggs, grains and some fruits and vegetables; morning, noon or night.
  • Cats should eat about twice daily. Free feeding vs meal feedings.
  • Give your cat filtered water, bone broth or tuna juice for a yummy drink.
  • Your cat will enjoy cold water, melon and ice cubes to stay cool on hot days.
  • Poultry, tuna, oats/grains, and some dairy can be a fun and tasty treat cats will enjoy!


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What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast?

Most cats will be content with their normal kibble in the morning, but others are looking for something tastier. Maybe they’re rubbing against your legs while you prepare your own breakfast, meowing at you to have a little taste of your eggs.

While it may not be good for some of our kitties with sensitive stomachs, the average cat will do just fine with a small amount of eggs or whole grains.

Some human food that cats can eat for breakfast are:

  • Mashed whole grains like rolled oats, oatmeal or brown rice.
  • Scrambled eggs or cooked chicken can also be another delicious addition to the meal.
  • Small amount of tuna or cooked fish
  • Vegetables
  • Cottage cheese
What do cats like to eat

It is important that the grains are cooked as well, and mashed to a small grit so that they can digest it easily. Some people will add a small amount of tuna or other cooked fish to a grain as well. Throwing some vegetables or cottage cheese into the mix can also be very beneficial for your cat’s overall health.

It is important that you don’t feed your cat any raw meat. While outdoor and feral cats will hunt, kill and eat raw meat, it is not ideal to do this with your indoor house cat. They are, after all, not used to this type of diet.

#1 What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast Besides Cat Food?

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they must have meat in order to survive. It is physically impossible for a cat to live off of a vegan or strict vegetarian diet. They will die if they do not receive the nutrients and vitamins that are associated with eating a meat protein.

With that being said, cats can certainly eat other foods besides meat, but most cats are going to take preference with protein over eating vegetables or grains.

Fish, Poultry and Beef

can cats eat salmon

All of these proteins are perfectly fine and will make most cats quite happy to have them as an occasional snack or treat. Always understand your sources though and make sure that you are giving them a high quality protein. My cats will always jump on any kind of meat, especially if it’s chicken or beef jerky.

Fish contains many excellent eye and brain function improving nutrients too! 

It is important to never give your pet undercooked or raw meat, as they can harbor unhealthy bacteria that can make your cat sick.

Cooked Eggs

What do cats like to eat for breakfast

Cooked eggs are always an excellent source of protein for our cats! Sometimes if a kitty isn’t feeling well and the owners are having a hard time getting them to eat, I recommend fixing them up with some scrambled eggs. However, I do recommend not using much butter or oil and skipping the salt and pepper. While it may seem bland to us, it is quite flavorful to our cats.

Blueberries and Melon

What do cats drink

I know, blueberries came out of left field there. But this superfood is rich in antioxidants, fiber and water that are all beneficial for your cats overall health. Some cats may not be interested, so cutting them open or freezing them can help encourage them to give blueberries a try.

Only give these tasty little fruits in moderation (no more than 2 -3 a day), as too many can cause stomach upset.

Melon, as mentioned above, can be a popular snack for kitty cats. Ranging from cucumber to watermelon, many cats enjoy them. These fruits are also very rich in fiber and water and bring a new element to your feline friend’s daily diet. Just like with blueberries, too much of a new thing can cause some digestive issues, like soft stools or diarrhea.

#2 What Do Cats Like To Eat As A Treat?

Just like all creatures, we are happy to eat something new and different. Afterall, food novelty can be really exciting and rewarding for some of us. Cats are no exception. My felines are always looking for a snack or begging for me to give them a taste of my baked chicken or cooked salmon.

There is nothing wrong with treating your kitty companion to a small amount of protein or fruit as an occasionally nutritional snack!


Can cats eat tuna

Ah, the beloved fishy favorite, tuna. Cats can’t seem to get enough of it and will come running through the house just over the sound of the can popping open. As mentioned above, be sure that you are only giving your cat the canned tuna in water and NOT OIL.

Fresh tuna is also great! It is just important to remember that it needs to be cooked and not in sushi form!

However, I will admit that I don’t always appreciate my cat’s stinky tuna breath afterwards.

Yogurt and Ice Cream

What do cats like to eat for breakfast

Yogurt is certainly going to be the healthier treat out of the two. It is rich in probiotics and can ease their lactose digestion. Only use plain yogurt and not one that has any added fruits or other flavored ingredients.

Another treat to give in very tiny amounts! Ice cream can be a little heavy in the dairy department, and as discussed previously, lactose is not always great for our kitty friends.

However, a tablespoon or two of some plain vanilla ice cream shouldn’t cause too much trouble. It would be pertinent to manage how much you gave as you don’t want your kitty to gain too much weight. Also, eating too much sugar can cause feline diabetes in the future.


What do cats eat and drink

This is a food that I was surprised to learn that cats actually enjoyed. They like the smell and the creaminess of the popular breakfast meal, plus it is an excellent source of B vitamins that help to support their brain and coat health.

I find it easier to feed oatmeal to my cats, plus it is better for their digestion if I grind up the oatmeal a little more before I cook it. They can have a harder time eating it if the oats are in larger pieces.

Coconut Oil

Can cats drink coconut water

Another excellent super food source! Coconut oil is loved by dogs, cats and people alike. It has a large amount of mood-boosting fats, plus it eases digestion and helps keep our feline companions regular. Coconut oil is tolerable by many gastrointestinal tracts and is recommended to help improve a pet’s overall coat and nail condition.

Fruits and Vegetables

Because cats can’t taste sweet foods thanks to their lack of receptors on their tongue, fruits do seem a bit strange.

However, they enjoy eating these snacks not because of their sweet qualities, but because of the novelty, plus they enjoy the texture and fibrous nature of the foods. Not to mention they have a high amount of fiber and water, which is particularly beneficial for our feline friends.

If you are curious, you can always try adding a few small pieces of cucumber or blueberries to their food. Remember, they don’t need much!

#3 What Do Cats Like To Drink?

Cats like to drink the obvious water, but they also enjoy a few other things. Did you know that cats can actually taste the minor differences in certain types of hard and soft water and will even develop a preference?

That’s right, not only are they finicky about where the water comes from but also the taste!

Filtered Water

can cats drink tap water

Cats genuinely prefer filtered water. When my family and I moved into our current house it had a well, the cats absolutely hated the taste and smell of the water.

We started having to fill up 3 gallon containers of water at the store for our kitties to drink, and even after switching to city water, they still refused to drink it if it wasn’t the fancy store bought filtered stuff.

Soft water is better for your cats to drink anyway. Hard water can cause issues with your cat’s urinary pH and potentially create urinary tract infections or bladder stones/crystals.

Use a cat fountain! If your kitty doesn’t drink plenty of water a day and you just have it sitting in a plastic bowl, you will probably be needing to invest in a cat fountain.

These finicky felines like to watch the water move and instinct tells them that circulating water is safer to drink. This fun new fountain should hopefully encourage your cat to drink more, which dehydration is a common issue in our kitties.


What do kitty cats like to eat for breakfast

Contrary to popular belief, it is not great for your cat to drink milk. As a matter of fact, humans are the only creatures that willingly drink milk after infancy and childhood.

Cats will seek out our leftover cereal milk or stick their heads in our cup after dinner to lap off some of what’s left, but they certainly don’t benefit that much from it. The reason why cats enjoy milk is because of the fat content, which their carnivorous instincts make them inclined towards.

If you really want to give your cat a milky treat, then look for goat’s milk (has less lactose) or find milk that is specifically meant for our pets.

Brands that make milk for cats are usually lower in lactose, which is the main ingredient that would cause tummy upset in our feline friends. Whiskas Cat Milk is a popular formula that many people use as a supplement for older or younger cats that need a little extra protein and fat in their diet.

Bone Broth

What can cats drink other than water

A rich and tasty bone broth is one great way to spoil your feline companion. It is packed with nutritional vitamins and minerals, plus it’s easy to get our cats to drink it. Most of our cats are going to jump on the opportunity to sip on some warm and flavorful bone broth.

You can make your own in a crock pot, by throwing in bones and other connective tissues from a carcass that you used for a family dinner. Chicken is pretty easy to come by, so that tends to be the go-to protein for most bone broth recipes.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t have the time or energy to worry about that you can always purchase a pre-made bone broth meant specifically for our pets.

Purina, one of my favorite go-to recommendations for pet food, treats and supplements, makes a bone broth that has stellar reviews with owners and pets. Their Immune Support Chicken Bone Broth will make a great and healthy snack for your cats.

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe For Cats
chicken broth recipe for cats

A 40-minute chicken soup recipe your kitty will love, this is a perfect addition to your kitty diet to be healthy and happy!

  • Prep Time: 5min
  • Cook Time:35 min
  • Total time:40min

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 small chicken legs with bones
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Stalk of celery


  1. Dice the carrots and celery
  2. Prepare a pot with filtered water and enough water to cover the 2 chicken breasts
  3. Add the vegetables and chicken legs o the pot
  4. Bring to boil and simmer for 30 minutes
  5. Use a mesh strainer to pour the soup through into a bowlUse a mesh strainer to pour the soup through into a bowl
  6. Store the chicken soup for cats in the fridge for no more than 7 days

Tuna Juice

There is nothing more entertaining than cracking a can of tuna open and seeing your cat magically appear in front of you, waiting patiently (or impatiently) for their tasty treat.

My husband loves to make tuna salad and our cats always run to him as soon as they hear the sound of the can opening.

It is important that you are using the tuna that is in water and not oil. The oil can cause a lot of stomach upset and probably diarrhea. Drizzling a little of the juice and a small amount of tuna in their kibble will make any cat giddy with excitement over their delicious, special treat.

Make sure that you don’t go too crazy with the tuna, as there is a risk of mercury poisoning.

You can always look into the brand that you are buying and try to find one with the least prevalence of this issue, but at the end of the day, it is very hard to know what is accurate and what isn’t with certain brands of tuna.

What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast FAQ’s!

As a veterinary technician, many owners ask me a lot of the same questions when it comes to feeding cats and being a pet parent.

There is always room to grow and learn when it comes to pet ownership. Make sure that you are asking the right questions and educating yourself on how you can be a better cat parent.

Below are the frequently asked questions that many cat owners will ask me when they come into my work at the vet.

How Often Should A Cat Eat?

How Often Should A Cat Eat

Eating twice a day is sufficient for most of our indoor cats. Free feeding is completely fine and normal as well, but if you have several cats in one house or one that likes to eat constantly, then switching to a scheduled twice a day feeding will be necessary.

Free feeding won’t work for cats that have a tendency to overeat. We don’t want to perpetuate health issues and problems with joints by only giving into their glutinous ways.

Monitoring how much a fat cat weighs and feeding them a scheduled small amount of food is the best way to ensure they’re not ingesting more calories than they should.

Do not use a constant feeder with these cats either. They can figure out how to make it drop food if they really put their minds to it!

Multiple cat households can be tricky as well. Sometimes it is difficult to keep one cat from eating way more food than the others.

In some cases, one cat only eats a few tablespoons a day while the other eats almost a cup. These issues with resource guarding are considered bullying behaviors and should be corrected.

If you must, then feeding them in separate rooms can help make sure the submissive kitty isn’t being kept from the food and water.

What Do Cats Like To Eat And Drink On A Hot Day?

What Do Cats Like To Eat And Drink On A Hot Day

Some owners have wondered if there are any treats or drinks that they can give their cat on a hot day.

There are always some fun and cool enriching snacks to give our feline companions during the warmer months of the year. Don’t hesitate to give your cat something special, especially if they seem to be pretty aggrieved over the hot weather.

Summary: On a hot day, cats like to drink Cool Drinks, such as water, ice cubes (of water or different flavors), and small pieces of fresh fruits like melon or watermelon

Cool Drinks – WATER!

It’s honestly a struggle trying to keep most of our cats hydrated all year round, let alone during the summer months.

It would be best to just give them water during these hotter times of the year. Adding some ice cubes to the water fountain or bowl should also help keep their source cool and perhaps more interesting to your kitty.

Don’t give them hot liquids like a warm bone broth or anything high in fat like milk/dairy. While both of these fluids can be tasty and beneficial in moderation, they will not help your cat stay very well hydrated.

Warm liquids obviously won’t help keep your cat cool, and if it is cold then it will be too gelatinous for them to drink appropriately. Also, milk is thicker in texture and high fat content, they will find themselves thirsty for water shortly after drinking it.

Yummy and Cool Snacks

When it’s hot outside and your kitty is starting to feel it, giving them some melon or cucumbers can really help beat the heat!

Yes, cats actually enjoy eating different types of melon. A lot of people choose to give watermelon, even though it does have its own simple sugars that can potentially cause issues if they eat too much, the high water content is a huge benefit.

Plus, it’s usually pretty cold! Remember not to go overboard because the sugar and fiber content of these fruits could make your kitty have some unwanted GI upset.

Fun fact: Cats actually cannot physically taste sweet foods. They simply don’t have the taste bud receptors for it.

Ice Cubes

Not only are they fun to bat around on the floor or chase in the water bowl, but ice cubes are obviously an excellent way to cool off some as well. Your cat will oftentimes lick the ice while playing with it, making it not only a fun activity, but a hydrating one as well.

More Than Just Cat Food – Giving My Cat Fun And Healthy Snacks

I hope that this article gave you lots of ideas of what do cats like to eat for breakfast. Eating the same thing everyday would just be so boring and unfun. That’s why giving your feline companion some new and exciting snacks and foods that will also benefit their health can be awesome for everyone.

Your cat will appreciate the novelty of a different treat, plus they don’t realize they are benefiting from it!

Enriching and delicious treats can help you build a stronger bond with your kitty, as well as improving their overall health. Don’t hesitate to try new things, as long as you know the safety and risks behind anything that you are considering feeding to your cat.

Always do your research and be well educated on what foods are appropriate and what can be dangerous.

Follow this article to learn what your kitty will enjoy for breakfast, as well as other tasty and healthy treats that your cat will love.

Freelance Writers’s Bio:

This article was written by freelance writer Allison Salonko .

My name is Allison and I have been a veterinary technician for 10 years. Writing and art are my passion. When I’m not working in the pet clinic I enjoy spending my time writing, painting or watching movies with my three cats, two kids and husband.

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