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orange tabby kitty

There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat

Tay Hohoff

Oh, Hi! Welcome to Cats And Kittens World

We believe cat owners don’t exist – a cat owns you!

As a team of experienced content writers and researchers who ADORE cats, and their fluffy little paws, we are set to:

  • Provide practical and useful cat care tips to help your pawsome cat have the happy life it deserves
  • Help you understand cat and kittens behaviour so you are a good cat servant 24/7
  • Giving first-time cat owners, golden purrfect tips to not lose their minds, and have a safe paw-approved house.
  • Learn about different cat breeds to know which cat breed will be best to adore and love, oh! And ..for your lifestyle and needs too.