Will Two Kittens Bond With Me

If there’s anything better than getting a kitten, it’s getting two kittens! However, there are certain pros and cons of getting two kittens if you decide to adopt two kittens, you should be prepared for double the responsibility!

Pros and Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

And of course, there are also other questions that you might have regarding adopting two kittens, like:

  • Will two kittens bond with me?
  • Is it better to have two cats of the same gender?
  • Should I get two kittens from the same litter?

And while some kittens will prefer their littermates over other felines, there’s no guarantee that the two will continue to get along in the future. Additionally, there’s also the cost of 2 cats vs. 1, which you need to consider before adopting two kittens.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the pros and cons of getting two kittens!

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Pros Of Getting Two Kittens

Shelters usually encourage adopting two animals together because it can be good for both you and your pet. In fact, we’ve rounded up some of the pros of adopting two kittens together, just for you!

#1 They Will Keep Each Other Busy

Pros and Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

Kittens are energetic little furballs, and they absolutely love to play- like all the time.

So, giving them a kitty friend will ensure that they play with each other instead of bugging you when you’re busy. Hence, your kitten won’t be bored, anxious, or attention-starved because he’ll always have his friend by his side.

However, it should be mentioned there might be cases where your two kittens don’t get well with each other, which can be avoided if you:

  • Let them have their own space– don’t make them share the same food bowl for example
  • Play with them at the same time and give them treats to encourage positive emotions.
  • Don’t force the interaction– let your kittens get to know each other and slowly build their bond as forcing things will probably stress them.

#2 Your Kittens Will Be Happier And Thus, Less Destructive

Pros and Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

Since your kittens will keep each other busy, they will be happier and even less destructive.

Sure, they’ll still be just as curious, but they will not act out of boredom. This is because having two kittens means they can take their energy out on each other by scratching, biting, and even fighting.

Plus, they will keep each other company so the chances of getting your furniture or favorite sofa ruined decreases.

You may be wondering then: How can I encourage multiple cats to bond and play together?

Weel, this can’t be forced, however, it can be encouraged with interactive toys such, which at the same time can help them keep them occupied while you’re at work.

Some of the most recommended cat interactive toys in the market today are:

#3 It’s Not A Lot Of Extra Work

Pros and Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

Keeping an extra cat doesn’t require too much additional work.

Usually, in multi-cat households, the same food is served for everyone at the same time. And though you might need to change the cat litter more often.

#4 It Makes Training Easier

Having two kittens makes training your kittens all that much easier. And we know what you’re thinking- how could it be easier to train two cats instead of one?

Well, it’s easier because you’ll only have to train one of them and the other will simply observe and catch on.

However, there is a disadvantage of training two kittens together, and that is:

They can get impatient when they see the other kitty gets a treat and not them.

So, in order to avoid this, one of the first lessons you need to teach them is to wait for their turn. This will help the kittens build discipline and listen to you patiently when receiving instructions.

#5 Two Kittens = Twice The Fun

When it comes to discussing the pros and cons of getting two kittens, you should consider why you’re even getting a kitten in the first place.

If you’re a cat lover and have prior experience keeping cats, the responsibility will probably not be too much for you to handle. Hence, if you’re looking forward to the love and affection of your kittens, two is always better than one because two means double the fun!

Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

Yes, there are actually some downsides to getting two kittens, believe it or not. Not everybody is ready or even capable of managing the responsibility of a cat- let alone two of them!

And thus, before you decide to adopt two kittens, you should go through our list of cons to help you decide if getting two kittens is a feasible option for you.

#1 Additional Expenses

Having two kittens means feeding, grooming, and caring for two kittens which obviously includes the financial aspect as well.

Kitten expenses range from:

  • Cat food
  • Litter
  • Feeding bowls
  • Other accessories

And they will be twice as much with two kittens. And though this might be easier to manage, the real deal is the veterinary expenditure.

You see, it’s it could happen that both of your cats get sick at the same time since they’re living in the same conditions. So, weigh the costs in your head to determine if getting two kittens is right for your budget.

#2 You’ll Need More Space

pros and cons of getting two cats

Cats and kittens love small awkward places, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need adequate space. In fact, cats are territorial species, so they’ll want to ‘claim’ certain spots as their own.

Depending on your cat’s personality, they’ll either nap on the windowsill or just take over your couch- why? Because they can! And this warrants making enough space to accommodate both kittens, allowing them enough space to live comfortably.

#3 They’ll Fight Every Once In A While

Fighting, especially play fighting is normal kitten behavior. Plus, cats don’t always have to get along with each other.

Pros and Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

Even if they’re from the same litter, they might fight with each other from time to time. And if they’re from the same gender, they will even compete against each other, thus giving them more excuses to fight each other.

However, if you take two kittens, help them play with each other, give them enough space, make sure their needs are meet, and provide a calm space with lots of love, it is most likely your cats will tolerate each other and be friends.

#4 Things Can Get Messy

If your kittens are accident-prone and love to knock things over, be prepared for twice as much ruckus with two of them.

Cats naturally have an exploring instinct that tends to get them in places they really shouldn’t be- like sneaking into your toilet or knocking over your dustbin. However, if you’re thinking of adopting two kittens, brace yourself because they’re going to keep you pretty busy.

Nevertheless, if they’re comfortable with each other, they will be able to effectively channel their energy in playtime even when you’re not around, which means that your kittens will, hopefully, be less destructive if they have another kitten to keep them company.

#5 They Will Be Hard To Monitor

When discussing the pros and cons of getting two kittens, you should know that two kittens are very hard to monitor.

 You know how you can see from the litter box that something is wrong with your kitten- but wait, which one? Well, in a multi-cat household, unless you’re there to witness your kitten defecating, you might be unable to determine which of your kittens is sick.

Plus, it might be hard to observe their eating habits as well, especially if they eat from the same food bowl (which is not advisable).

However, health wise, this won’t be a problem once you’ve gotten to know your kittens a bit, since behavioral changes are usually the biggest indication that something’s not right with your pet.

Pros & Cons Of Getting Two Kittens FAQs

Now that you’ve gone over the pros and cons of getting two kittens, we know you still have a lot of questions.

But don’t worry because we’re here to save the day with our FAQs of getting two kittens, so if you’re looking to adopt two kittens, read on to decide if that’s really what you want.

Will Two Kittens Bond With Me?

Will Two Kittens Bond With Me

Yes, two kittens can absolutely bond with you if you give them enough time, space, and, most importantly, affection.

Having two kittens instead of one just ensures that your kittens are never attention deprived, especially if you tend to be out of the house for most of the day.

And of course, unless you give them something to do, they’ll find something to do on their own.

Thus, having two kittens keeps your feline friends busy with each other, which somewhat takes the attention off of you.

If you want to learn more about bonding with two kittens, check the article: Will Two Kittens Bond With Me? 10 Bonding Tips You Need To Know

Is It Better To Have Two Cats Of The Same Gender?

Is It Better To Have Two Cats Of The Same Gender

Cats of the same gender usually tend to compete and often fight each other for dominance.

And though two female cats are known to get along better, it’s best to get two kittens of the opposite gender since that ensures fewer territorial disputes will take place.

Nevertheless, if you’re getting your kittens fixed, it really shouldn’t be a problem. Neutered male cats don’t fight as much and tend to get along just fine with both genders.

So, is it better to have two cats of the same gender? There’s no definite answer but getting two cats of the opposite gender is probably better.

Should I Get Two Kittens From The Same Litter?

Should I Get Two Kittens From The Same Litter

It could be a good idea to adopt two kittens of the same shelter as kittens from the same litter are born and raised together and thus, somewhat familiar with each other, so you can decrease your kittens stress levels form going to a new home.

Shelters especially encourage this behavior since kittens from the same litter are already used to each other, and thus, won’t need time to ‘become friends.

However, just like the pros and cons of getting two kittens, there are also upsides and downsides of getting two kittens from the same litter.

While adopting a kitten might be a fun experience for you- it definitely isn’t for your kitten- at least not immediately.

Cats are creatures of habit, and having their entire environment changed can be pretty stressful.

Also, getting two kittens of the same litter does have disadvantages because while most kittens from the same litter can live with each other without problems, some just won’t get along very well, and that can mean double the trouble for you.

Plus, if one of your kittens has some health issue, the other could have it too. And this also extends to behavioral issues, like aggression.

Cost Of 2 Cats Vs. 1?

Cost Of 2 Cats Vs. 1

One cat could cost a little over $1000 per year, you can expect to spend around $2000 for two cats- not including vet visits, though.

For two kittens, you’ll need double the food, litter, treats, and numerous other one-time and recurring expenses.

Thinking practically, the food and other costs are not much, but the veterinary consultations do cost quite a lot, and that’s definitely something for you to consider.

The main factor in the cost of 2 cats vs. 1 is the fact that they’ll both need regular vaccination shots and deworming sessions. Plus, if they get sick, you’ll need to take one or both of them to the vet as needed. And that means your budget needs to be almost twice as much.

The Bottomline

There are many pros and cons of getting two kittens, some of which we’ve already mentioned. But while having two kittens has its benefits, it’s important to consider if you can take proper care of both of your kittens and also if the cost of 2 cats vs. 1 is something you can manage.

Obviously, there’s no point in risking the lives of two kittens if you think they might feel neglected due to your busy schedule. But yet again, having two kittens means they’ll keep busy among themselves while you’re not around.

Basically, the main question is if you are ready for the responsibility and the cost.

And don’t worry about whether two kittens will bond with you because kittens are very loveable, and if you give them enough love and attention, they will certainly bond with you, at least enough to tolerate you- as all cats do, of course!

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