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Are you curious about the sleeping Cats Positions Meanings?

Knowing what each cat’s sleeping positions mean is a great way to be aware of your cat’s emotional state. As some positions mean they are in guard while order mean they just want peace and some me-time.

sleeping cat positions

Plus, I will also answer some sleeping cat positions FAQs like:

  • What does it mean when my cat sleeps on my chest?
  • Why Do cats sleep in weird positions?
  • Should you let your cat sleep with you?

And many more interesting facts about cat sleeping habits!


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10 Awkward Sleeping Cats Positions Meanings Explained

For cats it is very important to sleep, especially if they are in the process of growth, kittens can sleep daily for 16+ hours! 

Therefore, as a cat servant it is your duty to know what each cat sleeping position means, let’s find out! 

1.Cat Sleeping Belly Up Position

Sleeping cats positions meaning

Confident cat. Your cat trusts you, and feels VERY safe around you!

This is because their stomach is vulnerable. And a cat will only do this if it’s in an environment they feel protected. 

It is also a position in which they are very exposed, so you should avoid suddenly touching them, as this could surprise them and get them in a bad mood.

2.Bread Loaf Position

Sleeping cats positions meaning

Battery safe mode cat. Your cat just wants to rest a little.

He sleeps like this because he doesn’t want to take a full nap.

Another reason your cat sleeps in this position could be because there is a lot of noise, things that bother him, or because he is always attentive to be able to flee quickly. 

3.Cat Sleeping With Arms Stretched Out Position

sleeping cat positions

This cat sleeping position means your kitten feels very comfortable, happy and relaxed in her environment, they do not feel any tension, which makes her sleep pleasantly.

If your cat has this position, you have to be very happy because it means she trusts you 1000000%, after all she is showing you her precious belly! Feel honored!

4.Curled Up Position

cat sleeping poses

Cushy Cat. Your cat seeks warmth and coziness!, which normally happens on cold days.

5.Variation: Incognito Form

This is a position where the tail, head or legs are hidden. This is a position your cat makes to feel secure, dont disturb her!

She wants to hide and be calm, it is her moment of rest, so you should respect that.

6.In a Box or Ball

sleeping cat positions

Security cat. Your cat wants to feel protected.

This is one of the favorite sleeping cat positions made when your cat wants to be protected, as having something that covers him gives them warmth, privacy and tranquility.

Therefore, it is common for your cat to go to a box or under a table, to disconnect from its surroundings and have greater peace of mind to sleep.

7.Paws Over Face Position

sleeping cat positions

Buddha Cat. Your cat is sleeping soundly and wants quietness. 

This sleeping cat position means your cat does not want to be interrupted, in addition to that this position could help her/him sleep deeply.

Another possible reason is that your cat just wants to hide its face from the light.

8.Cat Sleeping On Back

Sleeping cats positions meaning

When your cat sleeps on its back it means that she/he feels very confident, don’t see you as a treat and is comfortable with her surroundings.

This is a position you should be proud to see, as it means you have a cat that trusts you 100%!

9.Half-Open Eyes 

cat sleeping eye opens

FOMO Cat. Wants to rest but stays wary of everything.

This position means your cat wants to be aware of what may happen, so it is very easy to wake up and attack or run if need be.

This is a position when your cat is still adapting to their surroundings and wants to be attentive.

10.On Edge

cat sleeping poses

Cautious Cat. Wants to be attentive, and ready to jump!

Your cat may sleep on the edge because she wants to rest but at the same time supervise her environment.

This is not a bad sleeping position for healthy cats, as they have a great sense of balance, which is located in their ears.

In fact, if they fall, in less than a second, cats move their heads first by rotating their neck and spine, then their front legs, and then their back legs to land on their pads, safely.

11.Cat Sleeping On Side Meaning

cat sleeping poses

This is one of the most common sleeping cat positions. When they sleep on their face, they are relaxed, so they feel safe, calm, and very relaxed.

This position means he feels safe to be in your house/room, so he is not aware of what may happen around him.

Often when your cat sleeps in this position he is having a deep sleep and moving his paws lightly, so he is sleeping very pleasantly.

12. Variation: Head Turned And Tongue out

Although many believe that this is one of the most uncomfortable sleeping cat positions, it is not. They feel very comfortable sleeping this way, so much so that they may have their tongue out.

Other Frequent Positions

In addition to the 10 positions for cats that sleep awkwardly mentioned above, the following are also very common:

13. Stretched Out Face Down

It is one of the cat sleeping poses  that has two interpretations. One is that he feels very relaxed and his rest is totally pleasant. While the other, he can be totally the opposite, that is, he feels tense.

But there is another meaning associated with this cat sleeping position and that is that he is giving you a signal that he wants to play at any time.

Before waking him up, you have to be very attentive to the way he sleeps in order to be aware of whether he will wake up happily or not.

14. Under Something

There are times when cats prefer to sleep under something located in any of the positions already mentioned. This is because those low-light and uncovered areas give them comfort, warmth, and security.

On the other hand, this could be a cat sleeping position when sick, like asthma or something similar, so it is best to be attentive to his behavior and take him to the vet if necessary.

Mentioning this point, know when it is necessary for you to take your cat to the vet, so that he is always healthy and clean. 

Bonus – Cat Sleeping Positions With Owner 

15.Cat Sleeping On My Chest

cat sleeping poses

This position is a great sign that your cat loves you, she wants to be next to you.

When a cat prefers to sleep on this area of your body, it does so because it feels that it has less movement than the rest of your body, so this site will allow them to sleep peacefully.

Also, in your chest they can feel the beats of your heart, making your cat feel closer to you and calm.

16.Cat Sleeping On My Head

If you have noticed that your cat likes to sleep on your head, you should know that this is a good sign, as it means that he has great affection for you! 

So keep giving him a lot of love so that he stays happy and feels safe with you at all times.

17.Cats Sleep In Between Your Legs

sleeping cat positions

If your cat sleeps this way, it is because your legs are warmer, so if it is cold, they may prefer to sleep next to you.

A cat also usually sleeps in this way, to feel more secure and protected, in order to have a deep and pleasant sleep.

Another reason why the cat likes to sleep between your legs is because he perceives your emotions and in case you are down he will want to comfort you and encourage you.

6 Sleeping Cats Positions Meaning FAQs

cat sleeping on back

Why Do Cats Sit And Sleep In Awkward Positions?

The mainly reasons cats sleep in awkward positions are because:

1.They want to feel secure, like when they sleep in a box.
2.They feel calm, like when sleeping with their arms stretched out.
3.They are asleep but want to be attentive, like when they sleep with one eye open or sleep while sitting on their back.
4.They want to avoid the light, like when sleeping with their paws on their face.

What Does It Mean If A Cat Sleeps With Its Back To You?

If a cat sleeps with its back to you, it means that:

1.Is protecting you and trusts you 100% as in the position “belly up”
2.It means they trust you enough to give it back to you so they don’t view you as a threat, instead they see you as an important member to take care of.

Should You Let Your Cat Sleep With You?

There are pros and cons of allowing your cats to sleep with you. Some benefits of sleeping with cats:

1.They are great company, especially on those days when you feel down.
2.You feel the warmth of her body.
3.Tighten the bonds of affection

While some disadvantages of sleeping with cats are:

1.They move more at night than during the day, so if you sleep with them at night, they will likely wake you up.
2.You won’t be able to move too much.
3.Hygiene is compromised,
especially if you go to bed after being in his litter box.

In the end it is up to you to decide!

Why Do Cats Twitch In Their Sleep?

Usually cats twitch while they sleep because:

1.They are cold, in that case it is best to cover them with a blanket or place them near something that gives them heat.
2.They are dreaming, and are reacting to the stimulus of the dream

However, if they have other behaviors outside of normal, in some cases it is best to take them to the vet.

How Many Hours Do Cats Sleep?

It is normal to see a cat asleep for hours, so to clarify your doubt about how much do cats sleep, they can spend between 13 and 16 hours a day sleeping. 
For example, a newborn kitten sleeps practically all day and can reach 20 hours. While an adult domestic cat sleeps between 15 hours and 16 hours.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Another of the great doubts about cats is why they sleep so much and this is because they like to be more active at night, so it is very common for them to sleep more during the day.

When the cat is a light sleeper, it lasts approximately 15-30 minutes. But if the sleep is deeper it can last up to 5+ hours.

In the case of young cats and also the elderly, it is normal for them to sleep more hours than adult cats , which is due to the process of changes they are going through during those years.

Another way to know why your cat sleeps so much is taking into account these 7 most common reasons why your cat sleeps so much.

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