What should I know before getting a kitten

Before getting a cat I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I read some cat blogs before, but it is hard to know what you’ll experience until you have a kitten, so if you are eager to get a kitten but never had one before, read on, and learn the 3 mistakes I think every cat owner should avoid doing before getting a cat. I hope these tips help you and your kitten adapt to this new chapter! <3

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#1 Mistake – Thinking Cats don’t need much attention

What I wish I knew before getting a kitten

The first thing you have to think about before getting a kitten is…how much should I spend with my kitten?

And, yes I know what you may be thinking: ‘Nut, hey aren’t cats very independent animals, why would this be an issue?’ And, hey it is not possible for me to say how many hours your kitten will need, but I can guarantee you they will need your time and attention, it is not only giving them food, you have to play with them, interact with them and be sure they adapt to your new house.

On average kittens need 1 to 2 hours a day of playtime with you or with another pet. From my experience you would need to play with your kitten at least 2 times, with each session consisting of 15 to 30 minutes, however the time of that session will vary based on the energy of your kitten and of course the quality of that playtime, it is one thing if they are playing by themselves and don’t have cat toys that tire them out than playing with you, running, exploring and playing with interesting house objects or toys for their needs.

Now, what if you work full-time…or work from home but do not have too much time for your kitten? Then read those tips that’ll come in handy before adopting a kitten:

Pro Tip: If you think you don’t have time to take care of a kitten how about adopting an adult cat? Adult cats are usually more calm and won’t need as much playtime as a kitten, plus you can also give the opportunity for an adult cat to have a home again.

Now, these tips lead me to the second most important point before letting a kitten, money.

#2 Mistake – Underestimating cat costs

What to prepare before getting a kitten

Another common mistake is understamating cats care cots, thinking cats are cheaper to maintain than dogs, however, although kittens may be cheaper to maintain than some dogs at the end cats are pets that need lots of care just as dogs, so you should absolutely budget before getting a kitten.

The costs of getting a kitten will vary according to the place you live, however in USA, the average cost of adopting a kitten the first year is around 500$-3000$ per year or between 42$ to 250 per month. As you can see the range will highly vary based on the price of each service or item for your cat. Here is a breakdown of each item, please bear in mind these are basic items, here we are not considering extra costs such as purchasing fees, preventive medicines, pet deposits, cat sitters, or boarding.

  • Adoption fee: $0–$200
  • Vet exams and vaccinations: $100–$600
  • Litter: $7–$150
  • Litter box: $10–$100
  • Spay/neuter surgery: $50–$500
  • Pet insurance: $0–$500
  • Bed: $10 – $100
  • Carrier: $40–$75
  • Toys and treats: $20–$150
  • Brush and nail trimmer: $10–$50
  • Food and water bowls: $10–$50
  • Food: $100–$500
  • Microchipping: $50–$100
  • Total: $407–$3,075

Budget Tip: I recommend you visit your closest pet store and vet to build a budget before getting a kitten, this will help you get a more realistic estimate of how much money you’ll need according to your area.

#3 Mistake – Thinking cats only need food and a bed.

What should I know before getting a kitten

Finally, the 3rd most common mistake is thinking your kitty will just need food and a bed to sleep. And, thought is true cats like simple things and you don’t need to be millionaire to satisfy your feline needs you should still remember when you bring a new kitten home, you want to make sure that their new environment is safe, stimulating, and comfortable for them. Catifying your home is all about making sure that your home is a great place for your feline friend to live in, and trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Kitten-proof your home

First things first, you’ll want to kitten-proof your home. This means making sure that all electrical cords are tucked away, like using cord covers or cord protectors, and that any poisonous plants or chemicals are out of reach. You don’t want your little one to accidentally ingest something harmful or get electrocuted, right? Also, you’ll want to make sure that all windows and doors are secure, you can use window guards or door stoppers, and that your kitten can’t escape.

Getting the basics

As a cat owner, I understand how important it is to provide your new kitten with everything they need to be happy and healthy in their new home. One of the most important things you can do is to set up a designated feeding area and make sure that there’s always fresh water available for them.

In addition to providing food and water, it’s also important to provide your kitten with a variety of toys that will entertain and stimulate them. I recommend mental stimulating toys like Petstages Tower of Tracks or AUKL Electric/Automatic Cat Toy Ball, to help your kitten satisfy their natural hunting instincts. Not only will these toys keep them physically active, but they’ll also provide them with the mental stimulation they need to thrive.

But, those toys are’nt absolutely necessary from the start, instead focus on buying these items BEFORE your kitten arrives, as it will help her adapt faster to your new home:

Overall, the key to a happy and healthy kitten is providing them with the basic necessities and creating an environment that is safe, stimulating and comfortable for them. Trust me, it’s worth the effort, you’ll see how your kitten will be so happy and content in their new home!

Pro Tip: Before buying toys for your kitten understand your kitten behavior and preferences, some kittens love to chase and scratch wile other love to climb and stay in high places, so don’t go crazy buying a tons of toys, just basic ones like a cat toy wand should do from the start.

Cat Enrichment

As a pet parent, I am well aware of the importance of creating an environment that is both safe and stimulating for my feline companion. Cats are natural hunters and climbers and they have a natural need to express these instincts in an appropriate way.

One of the most important aspects of cat enrichment is providing them with scratching posts, hammocks and cat towers. Scratching posts not only allow cats to sharpen and maintain their claws, but they also provide a form of physical and mental stimulation. Hammocks for cats are also a great way for cats to relax and nap off their daily routine, and cat towers allow cats to climb and explore.

In addition to these basic cat furniture items, there are many other ways to enhance the environment of your cat, such as cat activity trees, cat sheff for walls and cat climbing shelfs. These can be a great way to provide your cat with a fun and engaging environment and prevent them from getting bored and destructive. A well-designed catification can really make a big difference in the overall well-being and happiness of your beloved furry baby.

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